Crank cover trouble!

Doing some work on my 450 and into the crankcase cover, I've taken the stator off easily and have the cover off and in my hands anyone know the best way to get the timing check cap and the larger one out?? its seized in there pretty good and the gaskets need to be changed under them, stripped the small one and guess I'm looking at trying the easy out tool to remove it, for one thing it says in the manual to use a screw driver they were Allen bolts which the previous owner must of over tighten because it showed wear before i touched it and i couldn't see anyone that's a mechanic tightening it up to that extreme!!!! also tips for the best way to remove the stripped bolt? i foresaw this being a issue beforehand and ordered the replacements just want the old ones out first! thanks so much for your help!!! here is a pic!

photo (5).JPG

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I use a hammer and a chisel , sounds rough I know , but it's effective

thanks alot! so just tap on the edge with the chisel is the best way gonna give it a go

More like a firm whack , position the chisel on the left side of the cap and hit downwards .

You just need to keep the cover stable

Make sure you use the right size tool next time and your problem could have been avoided. I am glad I learned that lesson through plenty of mistakes just like yours. Also i believe you are suppose to take those caps out while the cover is on the bike. just for a heads up for next time.

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