Cylinder Head Breather Hose

I just bought an 06 YZ450f a few months ago and while out riding, stalled in a creek a couple of times. Not knowing about the cylinder head breather hose re-routing issue and water being able to be sucked up when starting, I cranked it in the middle of the creek. This morning I checked the oil, finding it milky in color and so I went ahead and changed it completely. I have since read all the posts about deep water and the re-routing of the cylinder head breather hose. Most of my creek crossings are just up to the bottom of the crank case and I have never submerged any of my bikes. Could I not just cut the cylinder head breather hose off and make it shorter? Just above the crankcase??

:thumbsup: that seems like a good idea to me. i rerouted mine but it gets real dirty in the air box so i might cut it like you said.

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