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    2008 Honda CR 500 Aluminum Frame conversion. This bike is based off of a 2008 CRF250 frame and mated to a 1994 CR 500 motor. Clear title. VIN# JH2ME10318M400079<br /><br />Chassis:<br /><br />All mechanical and fabrication work was done by myself based on 40 years of motorcycle repair and metal working experience. The frame was purchased new for this project.<br /><br />Frame rails have solid inserts inside the joined areas and were butt welded for added strength, this is a stronger method than is used by the Service Honda “AF” models.<br /><br />Front forks are off of a 2006 CRF 450 and have .44 kgm springs with fresh oil and seals. Rear shock is off of a 2008 CRF 250 and is stock but outfitted with a 5.3 kgm DSP spring (an optional 5.5 kgm DSP spring comes with the bike).<br /><br />Additional parts and modifications to chassis, EBC 270 mm oversize brake, steel braided front brake line, holeshot device, ODI clamp on grips, widened footpegs, modern style front fender, pro taper bars, protaper triple clamps, pro taper clutch lever with quick adjust knob, Red gripper seat, Devol 5 position shock link (raises and lowers the rear of the bike), gold rims, powder coated black hubs, Dunlop MX 51 tires, TM designs chain guard, chain guide and rollers, Ironman steel rear sprocket, gold “Z” seal chain, gold aluminum gas cap. All fluids are fresh.<br /><br />Engine:<br /><br />Entire engine was disassembled, inspected and any out of spec parts were replaced. Here is a list of the new parts installed, new piston, rebore, rings, wrist pin bearing, wrist pin, main bearings, all seals, all gaskets, clutch plates (fiber). The engine was a low hour unit and all of transmission was in great shape and did not need replacing, nor did the crank shaft. <br /><br />Additional parts and modifications to engine, Boysen “Rad” reed valve system, Boysen clutch and ignition covers, Hour meter, stealthy 11oz flywheel weight, mildly ported cylinder, FMF silencer, DEP pipe (make for AF conversions). Carb is a Kehin PWK 39mm. All fluids are fresh.<br /><br />Spare parts that come with the bike: (see pictures)<br /><br />Mix and match the plastics and seat for several different looks or just sell the items your choice. Items include, black rear fender, black front fender, red front fender, blue gripper seat, 2 sets of red radiator shrouds, black front number plate, white front number plate, red fork guards, stock shock link, stock clutch cover, stock ignition cover, stock intake manifold and reed block, black side number plates set, red side number plate set, stock front sprocket guard, DSP 5.5 kgm rear shock spring.<br /><br /><br /><br />I built it as my personal “ultimate bike” and I spared no expense or effort to get it right. The bike has low hours on it and I have spent most of the
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