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    I've hit the magical 5.3hr mark this past weekend with a few rides and some time to gather my thoughts on my 2019 300TPI, as well as some questions.

    6'3" 200 30A rider
    Previous bike: 17 300XC, head, ported, see sig

    Some background:
    I had TFCC surgery on my wrist on August 1st and got my cast off about 2 weeks ago. Prior, I had not been riding much since my wrist really hurt from a rather hard fall back in April. I'm a little out of shape at the moment.

    I've decided to try out my TPI bone stock to get a feel of how KTM has set up the fuel injection and actually know where I can improve before making any changes. The only mod I have done is transfer my KYB conversion forks to the bike and sold the Xplor forks. Rear shock is stock. This is also my first real PDS bike. I had an 08 125sx years ago but didn't ride it much.

    First ride last weekend (doing sweep for the race we put on):

    -Bike feels lean on the stand but while riding feels like a perfectly jetted carb bike
    -Much less power, very smooth and manageable but feeling the need to shift more where as on my 17 you really don't care what gear you're in. It will pull it.
    -Bike felt balanced and seemed to behave just like my linkage bike
    -Wrist was still stiff so did not push it too hard
    -I finished the weekend a little disappointed in the bike because it was such a drastic change in power from my 17. It didn't want to pull 2nd or 3rd where I wanted it to.

    2nd ride yesterday (my trails behind my house, tight, rocky, hard enduro type stuff)

    -Power was not an issue riding this stuff
    -Bike felt really good and gave confidence.
    -I'm beginning to see that the stock tires, mostly front, are fairly terrible
    -Bike seems to sip fuel
    -Took my poor dad on his 350 with me so we couldn't do anything too gnarly
    -The clearance is really nice with no linkage!

    3rd ride today normal trails I'm used to Sycamore creek area in AZ: 

    -Really tried pushing the bike and myself harder to get a feel for the suspension and power.
    -The lack of power didn't really bother me today as much as it did last weekend
    -I strava'd the ride to see how I did on trails where I know what pace I can do comfortably
    -I did feel like the front end was very light and skiddish but I think it has to do with the terrible front tire. On the decomposed granite we ride it was scary today. I normally run bibs and a parker DT in the front, IRC M5B evo in the rear
    -3rd gear seemed to be reasonable for most of what we did today and didn't seem to beg me to downshift much. 2nd seemed to work fine with a little clutch work
    -Idle seems to be just a tad low
    -The PDS honestly seems to work fantastic. There are some trails with those small whoop/bumps that will kind of beat you to death and the PDS works amazing on that stuff, so much I'm confused because I feel it shouldn't work as good as my linkage bike.
    -Power felt inadequate once we were in the washed where I could open her up.

    Thoughts after today:

    This is without a doubt the best stock bike I've ever ridden. It feels perfectly jetted the entire time with no hiccups in the power. In places where I know it's lacking power it will still pull nicely with a little clutch work. Full throttle, no bog, no problem. The response in power is instantaneous, as in, as soon as you turn the throttle at all you feel it make power. No carb bike has this feel. It was my first thought when I tried an FI 4t bike. As soon as there is input on the throttle its cruising. No lag time. Crazy response and crazy low lugging ability.

    I can't say anything about the Xplor forks but I think if you have the fork set up for your liking this is easily the best 2-stroke product KTM has ever put out. You need to do literally nothing to the motor to have a good time. I had a blast today. In fact, I have had a KOM on one of the trails out here for the last year and a half. If you ride this spot you know which trail I'm talking about. Fast and flowy, gets technical in some spots, nice sandy turns, just an absolute blast. A friend of mine took my KOM about a month ago and I decided to just cruise it today to see where I was at. Turns out, I ended up about 15 seconds off my best time and the fastest person all day to hit it. All on a stock bike and stock shock and a front tire that scared me to death half the time. It's deceptively fast and tractable.

    We did about 25 miles and used about .8 gallons ending up at around 31mpg. If that sounds low, that's better than my Lectron 17 would have done and used less fuel than the 350 on our ride.

    Future mods and testing:
    RK Tek head- Would love just a little more power everywhere and some more juice for the sand washes.
    Red spring- I'm a red spring guy and gotta try it on this
    I'm ordering a DEP off road pipe to try and after watching straight rhythm I need a PC shorty in my life as well.

    Bike seems to die with quick throttle at idle. Not sure I want to mess with the idle, have any of you guys run into this? However, letting this thing warm up idling without touching the throttle is the way to go. If it's not warm it will need clearing out like a regular 2t. Let it idle for a few minutes and it literally need no clearing out and run perfect. Crazy.

    Some non-engine things I've added or will add once I get a chance:
    Antigravity restart battery
    AXP skid plate
    Topar front disc guard
    Rear disc guard
    Protech wrap around fork guards
    swingarm guards
    chain guide protector
    Changed out the plastic
    Radiator fan with relay kit
    front and rear bibs
    Flange guard
    JD tuner (when needed)
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    This bike goes to 11
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    -250Sx with 300 kit ported and set up by JboneMotorworks.
    -HGS pipe with PC shorty
    -Lectron 38mm carb and Rad Valve
    -Suspenion by Jonny @ TBT racing AZ KYB fork conversion and SDI bladder kit in rear

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