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    I'm an intermediate Vet rider. I have owned this bike since a wheeled it off the show room floor in November of 2010. I have done very few mods to this bike.New IMS foot Pegs I revalued and re sprung my front suspension (gold valve's) Installed this myself. I also sprung the rear to my weight 220lbs 5'11". my steering damper is also set to the stiffest setting. I replaced the stock radiator hoses with the cheap 45$ blue ones. I change the oil after 3 rides or every race. The oil filter is changed every other change. I have replaced the clutch plates ones. current tires are mx32 on front and mx52 on back. I have not rebuilt this bike but it will be done this spring before I sell this bike. Ok so on to the review. My first I fell in love with this bike I came off an 03 honda 450 and then before that cr 250r's. My first test was practice in New Richmond Wi sand box arena. This bike mas so smooth and light. I have ridden many other brand bikes and at the time non of them felt like this. before I purchased this bike I had some seat time on an 09 crf 450 piped and suspension done. It ripped. Like everyone else I had read the reviews and it wasn't looking good. Ok, so I spent the winter racing indoors her and there but because I'm a heavier guy I could feel the front was bottoming quiet a bit. I have always like my suspension a little on the stiff side so I installed new springs in the front for my weight. from the start of owning this bike I was faster already. Then summer came with some out door racing and some fair supercross races. I raced this bike all the way to two years ago with just changing the oil yearly in my forks and general upkeep. I revalued the front suspension just because I wanted to be able to adjust it more for outdoor riding. I also was getting older and a little slower I started to run my suspension softer. This was such a huge change I should have played with the suspension a little sooner. The bike felt like new again minus the fresh engine. These bike turn so good even before all the extra stuff I did I could put this thing down low up high it didn't matter. I don't care what the reviews and stuff say. This bike is fun light and low maintenance. It may not rip your hands off the throttle when you crack it open but this thing inspires confidence. You can hit the big stuff out of corners because you have traction and 450 power. I would recommend this bike to anyone looking to have a low maintenance light and fun bike. The only reason I'm selling this bike is I feel it is time for a new bike and I feel I have gotten every dime of fun out of mine. I forgot to say that I have also made several trips out to St Anthony sand dunes in Idaho. This stock bike does make it up choke cherry. My only hope is that the new model can stand up like my 2011.
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