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    Of all the bike's I've owned(prob. over fifty, from dirt bikes, crotch rockets,4 wheeler's and cruiser's) this one is the most fun to me. I know this bike is projected for a certain younger crowd and more or less for the beginner to intermediate..... But I wish Suzuki would get a bit more serious and do some much needed tweak's to this now over a decade old design. Maybe even offer up an alternate designated model for the more race oriented crowd(of course at a higher price tag). More power for starter's...we all know what the drz can be...a little more stroke and bore would certainly help. And change the gearing to suit an SM..... for the street rather than the dirt,so that your not constantly searching for a sixth gear. And not just the final drive gearing. I know that there's a very small market for this niche in the bike industry......But this machine can easily be so much better. Especially when you drop 7 grand OTD and then need to add another 2-3 to get it in the ballpark with the rest of the crowd. That said, I still love my DRZ and will probably own it for many years....just gotta keep modding till i get it where i want or feel it should be.
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