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    I like the 2010 YZ250F. I came off of a 2003, and it was a little difficult getting use to riding ruts, but after a few days I fell in love with the new bike. The suspension and power is significantly better. All the bells and whistles the previous owner added is a huge plus too.

    Oversized front brakes are a huge improvement. I have the Tusk disc on my spare set of rims, and the Batfly on my nicer set. The Batfly are substantially better at braking. The FMF Ti4 w/Ti Mega Bomb is holding up much better than I thought. I was very reluctant of the expansion chamber getting damaged with how often I low side, but it still looks great, and is fairly easy to clean mud and burnt boot marks. GYTR head adds a nice punch at the top end. ARC levers are great too.
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