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    I have yet to form an opinion as I haven't ridden it any more than the test drive when I bought it. I have some cleaning, greasing, replacing and tweaking to do first.
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    SOLD... :( After 2.5 years of reliable service, I have sent the KLX off to a new owner. I found that although it's capable of riding both offroad and onroad, it doesn't really excel at either. It was the single track trails that led to the sale of the green hornet. If all I rode was open trails and even shared trails (atv/mx) it is a good bike and I probably never would have sold it. But, when you get into the really tight and steep; rocky and rutty, the weight really wears on you. Absolutely can't beat the reliability - just wish it could go on a 50lbs+ diet.

    This is my first street legal bike. Sure it a lot of fun. Feels illegal. I have owned a couple of the Suzuki 400's and really enjoy this engine - smooth, reliable, powerful enough to get in a little trouble!

    My KLX is currently setup for offroad with the following parts:
    Compact Tailight
    Compact blinkers
    Radiator guards
    Skid plate
    Case guards
    FCR39 carb
    3x3 mod
    K&N air filter
    Yoshi exhaust
    Bar risers
    ProTaper bars
    Bark busters
    large foot pegs
    probably more I'm forgetting right now.

    Overall it's a very fun and practical toy.


    PS: Yes, that is a milk crate and yes I know it's awesome.
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