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    6 speed wide ratio, tractor-like torque, 130 watt stator, long production run (a lot of parts interchangeability for the motor/chassis).

    the ergonomics are a little old school (low bars, low seat), but that can be changed if wanted.

    the motor pulls from idle through over-rev nicely without a big "2 stroke hit" making for a great woods bike. replacing the stock pipe in favor of a Dynoport or FMF Fatty brings the overall power up and a good boost in mid-range.

    replacement plastics can be difficult to find, though DC is apparently set to reproduce them.
    otherwise, parts availability isn't terrible at all, parts prices are about on par with Japanese brands and the low buy-in point (read: terrible resale) for these bikes makes for a good cheap all-around bike in my opinion.

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