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    Bought the bike in 2013 with 33k miles on it. With 96 HP, 4 carbs, this 4 cyl. inline has ample get up and go. I roll the throttle and watch the cars disappear behind me. With aftermarket air shocks and Progressive fork springs, it rides very smooth, has all the amenities of a luxury tourer, true cruise control, radio gets louder the faster the speed, has intercom, remote for pillion passenger. Plus it has very ample storage, I've carried a sheet cake, alto sax, and mandolin in the trunk.<br /><br />I have a homemade Harbor Freight trailer with Sears X-Cargo car top box on it. It tows it effortlessly like it was made for it. It also rides well in rain. I get around 50 mpg on rides, about 10 less towing the trailer.
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