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    Coming off a 1999 RM 125, the KTM blows me away. Although the bike is supposed to be about the same weight as the old RM, it feels so much smaller and more of a toy. The suspension, although due for a rebuild and service is very plush and takes every hit I can throw at it. I bought the bike in need of a new crank and piston after the previous owner neglected the cracked reed boot.

    My only complain thus far with the bike is the power valve adjustment. Having to adjust the valve on one side of the bike while viewing the adjustment from the other side makes the job nearly a two person task. I have also yet to get the adjustment dialed in to where I feel comfortable on it.

    I really do recommend the bike to anyone starting out in MX or even looking for a higher speed trail bike. It does not quiet have the bottom end of the RM, but is somewhat expected in a high strung motocross bike. The power is surprising at first but is very predictable and easy to learn.
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