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    I bought this bike as a leftover towards the end of the 2015 summer. I've had it less than a year & absolutely love it. I am an off-road rider coming off a 450, so the 350 was the best choice I could've made. I went w/ the EXC because I wanted a dirtbike w/ a tag & that's exactly what this is. It's nice not having to give up weight. power & performance just because I wanted a dualsport. I can ride national forest gravel roads, hit any trails then hit the tarmac to get home all without having to load & unload 2 different bikes. The 350exc does it all & is just as capable off-road as my yz450f was! It's not a bike I'd ride across country, but it is a bike I can ride to the mountains & back on. It is truly the perfect size for the avid enduro guy. It has a smooth, electric power that keeps building the higher the rpms go. Its torquey down low & will tractor up any hill. You will want to uncork it & get the ecu unlocked. The mapping is extremely lean & will cause the bike to over heat very easy. I removed the emissions, set the TPS to .64, added a FunnelWeb airfilter, put on a 350sxf muffler, added the TrailTech digital fan, got the ECU unlocked, installed the TT map switch, motohose kit (removes oem thermostat), Boyesen Supercooler & topped it off w/ EngineIce! She runs cool & like a champ now! I'm running a 14/51 gearing right now to, which is a happy medium for dualsport & singletrack here in North Georgia. This won't be my last 350!
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