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    I use it for everything from onroad day-trips to tight single-track.<br /><br />Porkier and less powerful than a 250cc pure offroad bike (such as the WR250F, with which the R shares virtually no parts) - however, the 250cc dual-sport is the most versatile platform of any motorcycle. The WR250R is at the high end of that segment with enduro-like ergonomics and layout - the price reflects this.<br /><br />Stock, the engine is a dog off the line - the power only really comes on as the engine starts to scream - uncharacteristic of an off-road thumper. This can be mitigated with some common modifications to the airbox, fueling system and exhaust - this makes the bike surprisingly brisk for a 250 that weighs almost 300lbs wet!<br /><br />The off-road capability of the adjustable suspension is debatable but just about everyone agrees it's better out of the box than a Honda CRF250L.<br /><br />It's quite expensive new for a 250 but there are many used examples on the market.<br /><br />The aftermarket parts availability for this bike is very strong. For long-distance trips, a variety of extended-range tanks are available (stock range is about 110 miles on the 2gal tank, depending on conditions). Cushy aftermarket seats are available for people who don't like sitting on the 2x4-inspired saddle, which is comfortable only in comparison to race bikes. It is extremely easy to maintain, friendly to live with (it crashes very well and is very durable when fitted with appropriate aftermarket protection), and economical.<br /><br />Consider also:<br /><br />Honda CRF250L - cheaper, fuel injected, less power but more low-end torque, assembled in Thailand but less off-road focused<br /><br />Kawasaki KLX250S - slightly cheaper, but older design and carbureted<br /><br />Kawasaki KLR650 - more comfy for long street rides stock, but a handful off-road when the going gets at all tricky.<br /><br />Suzuki DRZ400S - much older design, carbureted, heavier and more top-heavy - but more gumption in the engine down low<br /><br />KTM 350 EXC - more expensive, more maintenance-intensive, but lighter and more powerful - a lot quicker in the right hands.<br /><br />KTM 690 Enduro - MUCH more expensive, a little bit heavier but great stonks of extra power to play with.
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