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    I've owned many dual sport two strokes throughout the years, anywhere from a 2005 KTM 300 to this older 1996 WR250Z.

    The bike is extremely powerful, and I am perfectly capable of keeping up with my friends on their 2015 Beta 300's in the single track. It'll go wherever I take it, and despite being 20 years old, can hang with the boys without an issue.

    Unlike the YZ, the power is extremely manageable in single track, and has good usable power before the powerband.

    It utilizes the 1993 YZ250 engine, arguably the best YZ engine to date, but with different porting.

    Suspension is excellent; stiffer motocross suspension, and doesn't feel dated.

    The tank is a bit wide given it's size, but not significantly more than an oversized tank on a 300.

    The only complaint on this bike is it's transmission. Though it's a "wide ratio", by today's standards, it's more of a "semi-wide ratio". In 14/48 gearing, I'm capable of about 50-55mph cruising just as the power valve opens, but would have to scream it to go any faster, and not something I would do over a long period of time.

    The carb is notoriously hard to jet and I just upgraded to a Lectron.

    Overall a very solid bike.
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