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    Bought this bike new in March of last year. Understanding that it is '80s tech will go a long ways towards how to approach modding and enjoying it. <br />I understood the factory tuning was a starved, overheated too lean mess to fake smooch EPA and acted accordingly. 4.7 Clarke tank,Dave's mods, UNI filter, de-smog and a Sutton oil cooler were first after 600 miles then it was off to the Oregon High Desert for 5 days of wrench, test and adjust. Try to <br />keep in sight of your 13 year old on his upgrade to 125 YZ from 85. While learning why factory Honda tires are " Deathwings". <br /> Get 120 D606 for rear MT21 up front on STI Ultra tubes @18-21 psi. Install subframe doglegs to reinforce the rogue rack, remove pegs, new Seatconcepts seat and a RSW fork brace and you've got the recipe for a lot of really quick off the cuff dual sporting. <br /> I've put roughly 4600 miles on my BRP since Easter of last year when I bought it averaging 200+ miles per day while riding to a peak of 270 with 90 of that off road. I've ridden more off road on this lovely beast than I ever could on our dedicated dirt bikes in any given day however just watch the tedesco/xr650L vid on YouTube for his summation of the factory bike.<br /> "Rides like a couch".<br />Do some homework, buy appropriately and enjoy. I've put 2500 miles on mine since May in spite of buying a 'Vette in April.
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