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  1. Husqvarna FE 501 (2015) Updated

    Love this bike. I stayed away from KTM's for a long time due to the lack of a well packaged enduro model, so when the Husky's came out with all the good parts off the KTM shelves I went to ride one at a freeride day.

    The track was one familiar to me, so I could compare my past rides on the trusty old YZ426. Took off and rode the open field line to the not-so-densely wooded single track. Entered the woods faster than it felt like I was doing and kind of paniced when I saw the speedo. No worries, hard F&R braking and it stayed composed and tracked exactly where I pointed it then shot too where I was looking with a nice blip of the throttle. That sort of misbehavior on the Yammie would cost me some bruises. Throwing it around in the trees was easier than any other bike I had ridden at that engine size, so I kept on it. Once the trees relented and the back 2/3 of the ranch opened up that was when I really got a feel for this bike. I normally ride more desert and open rock lanscape in Texas/New Mexico/Nevada areas. When I got the throttle and gears opened up and could feel how the suspension soaked up high speed terrian, and then got to do some tire/tree obstacles which is when I knew what the bike offered. I did the 30" tires, then the 60" tires - easy pre-load, blip, bounce, hit, blip, shoot off and and land. Very well balanced bike - this is what all my friends have been telling me about for 10+ years. Gotta have one!

    Yes it needed suspension tuning, every bike I've ever had did too. It still could be better I'm sure, but man is this a forgiving bike with more to offer than I can extract!<br /><br />Don't miss the YZ 426 at all. I think the power is much more usable on the Husky, obviously just has more of it than most 510cc bikes, and it really feels alot lighter than it actually is.<br /><br />Love it Love it Love it
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