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    This review is coming from a brand new rider to bikes of all kinds...

    One thing I really love about this bike that drew me to it was the fuel injections, I live at 5500 ft elevation but I will be taking this bike up into the mountains around 12-13k ft elevation so I really didn't want to deal with a carb. The bike also felt really comfortable and natural to me when I sat down on it and to give you an idea, I am 6'3 and weigh 215lbs. I also feel that the price on this bike really can't be beat.
    Now to get down to the actual ride of this bike, it is a true blast. The clutch and throttle are nice and easy to get used to, balance on this bike is extremely easy as well, I'm not sure if it is the weight of the bike or what (which doesn't bother me at all) but it is nice and easy to make nice tight u-turns on. When I took it onto the dirt roads I was very satisfied with the power on this bike, and like I said I am new to riding so I wasn't going crazy on her, but when I would hit a straight away and twist the throttle you can't help but smile.
    Every time I get on this bike my confidence grows more and more and I enjoy it more and more, it is very smooth on the dirt and the pavement (from the little bit that I have ridden on the pavement so far), shifting is smooth and she is very easy to handle on corners.
    I think this is the perfect bike for anyone that is new to riding or anyone that wants a nice smooth, fun, great riding dual sport.
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