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    Great handling bike, excellent suspension with the factory connection suspension set up for a 200lb B class woods rider. The bike handles awesome and is killer fast in the woods. The motor will last forever as long as you clean your air filter, change your oil, and check your valves regularly and install kibblewhite valve spring kit in the bike. Just rebuild the top end every 50 if your casually riding it and if your racing it competitively rebuild the top end roughly every 20-25 hours. Check the crank for play while you are doing the top end. I have heard casual riders no ever reveing the bike out getting 200 hours on a crank, and racers getting 100 hours on the bottom end.

    Over all the 2006 Honda CRF450R is a reliable bike just like and other bike can be as long as you take care of your machine just as any other machine would be.
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