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    I refreshed the top end, cleaned carb, replaced cables and tires. It has been very reliable since. I love this bike and its lots of fun (for a 250)!

    Pros: Awesome in urban setting and on gravel roads! 65 mpg! Looks great (after custom paint). Really reliable. Very capable off-road (if a bit heavy for motocross). Kick-start means never being stranded by dead battery. Interstate-capable (for short runs).

    Cons: ~80 mph is redline. Kick-starting can be a bitch for really cold/dry starts (my compression release was removed by a previous owner). Though fun on this bike, twisties require lots of shifting.

    I love this bike in the city! I love this bike exploring off-road. I must say the bike is more powerful than most others I've ridden with similar displacement. But since I more frequently ride on-road than off, I want more power, comfort, and touring ability.
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