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    Kx250f It's has Renthal sprockets chain guards and handle bars. Along with all new plastic with a 2013 front fender also put on a aftermarket skid plate which has def helped out, my old one cracked. It also has a rock star graphic kit on it which made the bike step up to the next level in my book! Still has stock brakes and rims! It's got sand shark paddle on it, love going to the dunes bike flys great and the front forks made riding down there easy. Not really a crazy bike but still one of the best bikes I have owned the power is where I need it and like a lot people say the power just keeps going as u lay into the throttle. If anyone asked me to help them with a bike it would have to be a Kwai or Honda just all around great bikes i have owned both. But still you Gotta love Kwai they just look awesome!!
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