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    The day I got bike on back of car (pic with registration plate in stock low position with big rear indicators)
    That carry rig on my X-trail is called a Mow-tow:
    Later pictures show these mods
    1)replaced mirrors with a folding one.
    2)Added bark busters.
    3)Removed the tail light assembly with its big indicators and replaced with low profile indicators.
    4)moved rego plate (after doing 3)
    5)raised the bar height about 1.5 inches(and may install a higher seat too)
    6)Had to replace the spark plug and tune the pilot jet as previous owner had it very rich.
    7)Moved position of foot brake and gear lever down , as these were too high.
    *May replace the standard plastic bash plate with full metal one in near future.
    8)Higher seat , my legs were too bent in the seated attack position to use my knee braces.
    9)Lithium battery SSB LH4L-BS
    At time of posting this I had only just taken it out for a days riding at Glasshouse Mt's (QLD Australia).
    It looks more like a dirt bike again now with my mods
    Its only road registered as this opens up more offroad riding areas here in Queensland (Australia)
    EDIT: Have added new photos with all mods except high seat on bike.
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    Installed Yoshimura Titanium can to replace horrid stock exhaust can
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