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    this is my favorite bike to ride, Ive had it for a few years now and been slowly adding little things to make it my own. Its a great running and riding bike. here is a list of goodies-

    Lightspeed carbon fork guards
    Lightspeed carbon rear break guard
    Lightspeed carbon header guard
    Pro taper high bars
    Fly racing adjustable triple clamp
    1 1/8 bar mounts
    Pro taper Grips
    Sunline break lever
    Sunline folding shifter lever
    Sunline clutch lever
    Billet rear break clevis
    Zonic break line clamp
    Michelin Tires
    Pro Moto Billet rear disc guard
    TM case saver and sprocket guard
    TM chain slide
    TM chain guide
    TM powerlip chain rollers
    High volume performance radiators
    Yellow radiator hoses
    Yellow carb hoses
    O-ring chain
    Renthal sprockets
    Black sprocket bolts
    Billet tank breather
    Pleaded gripper seat
    Black number plate backgrounds
    Boyesen QS2 accelerator pump
    Boyesen billet clutch cover
    Quick dial carb screw
    Aftermarket air filter and oil filter
    Works connection water pump guard
    Works connection front brake cover
    Works connection rear brake cover
    Works connection rotating bar clamp
    Works connection engine plugs
    Fastway billet chain blocks
    Yellow spokes
    Performance front & rear brake pads
    GYTR graphics
    White plastic but not on yet
    Factory Connection suspension
    Billet front brake line clamp
    Galfer rear wave rotor
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    my smoker
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    love it
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