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    Today was spent tinkering with the new WR. It's my first ever new bike and its a good opportunity to get to know my way around it

    It arrived in the week and I messed around working out where everything was and getting a couple of small jobs done

    I put the Scotts SUB mount in and changed the bars to a low rise bend to keep the position more or less the same. Unfortunately I couldn't complete the job as I didn't have a 32mm spanner or socket

    This morning I took it out for a break in spin. Out to lahbab and back was a perfect hour

    Once back at the yard stripped it down to change the tank, put on a new can and finish the job on the Scotts. Thanks to Sam for helping and ensuring I didn't cock anything up

    So now I have a new 2015 WR450F with 11 litre IMS tank, FMF Powercore Hex slip on and Scots SUB mounted damper.

    It was time to take it out for a run

    It feels great. Loving the narrow, small, compact frame. FI is very responsive compared to the carb. I love the feeling straight away. With the pipe on it feels like it is breathing easily and has plenty of legs.

    It's surprisingly high. I'm maxed out on tip toes when I'm sitting still on it.

    Scotts will be interesting to tinker with. I'm going to need the bigger know because this one hides under the cut out in the bar pad too much to make adjustment easy

    Still on the way I have a Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 clutch with a LHRB kit in the parcel plus a spacer to remove the speedo hub sensor. I've also got the Trail Tech Voyager to fit.

    Plus of course there is the rally kit. I will do a full build thread on this as I think there is some interesting stuff

    Jobs that need doing:

    I need to get down to the ATCUAE office to pick up my international licence. I'll complete my entry and pay my money at the same time.

    Need to get some base suspension settings for the bike with the rally kit on including working out the right spring rate. I believe the kits weigh about 30kg but if course this includes battery, exhaust and front tank which will all be replacing current components on the bike. Getting the suspension set up well is something that I really want to get right. Good suspension is a skill compensator and I want/need art the help I can get on this front
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    Its been my first bike so not best qualified to review it. Safe to say I've loved it and enjoyed riding the hell out of it
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