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    2010 Honda CRF250X HRC edition

    Love of my life, and first real bike I've had. Rode years ago on an XR200R when I was 15 or so. 5 years later I got this and the improvment over the XR is phenomenal. Handles great, really tight! power isn't all that but for a 250 it's not bad. But still seems to be XR tough!

    The white photo is when I first got it, in it's HRC edition plastics.

    Since I've swapped all the plastics for Acerbis ones, put on a FX Evo 11 Sticker kit, FX all-grip seat cover, Trailtech Voyager system (total crap IMO), Trailtech high power stator & flywheel, Pro-taper pillow top grips and a Baja designs Squadron 40W LED lighting system (worth every penny)

    Now getting out and thrashing it :D

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