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    Super light feeling Loads of power down low yet very manageable. Absolutley no issues ,except for the clutch drag early in its life I posted about. Goes through rear tires fast. Always change the oil before turning dark. Basically every 10 hours. Factory connection suspension for my weight is a must and the response is perfect for how I use the bike. The hydraulic clutch is amazing! Did a top end rebuild at 105hours, Used Amsoil interceptor oil 50:1 all its life, I will post pics of this. Piston was almost perfect from new. As long as you follow the book on maintenance this thing I'm convinced will run strong forever. Shifter still feels rock solid as it did day one, So smooth and such a positive shift into gear. Brakes are flawless! Fast enduro tracking is a blast with this bike. Sounds it makes are amazing as well. One thing i am truly amazed with is the lugging power, I can't believe how many times I thought for sure it was going to kill, but nope it just freight trains up or through!🤘
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