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    My XT600E is a 2007 registered model, probably one of the last registered in Portugal. I was lucky to find this bike with only 7500Km on the clock, the bike not having done more than 500Km in the kast four years. <br /><br />Having owned an XT500 more years ago than I care to remember I recognise its heritage but also the fact that it's a much more refined ride than its predecessor. I've still got scars on my shin 35 years after being repeatedly 'kicked back' by my old XT500, the electric start on the 600 is a dream! The previous owner made some 'modifications' including a digital speedometer, revised indicators and headlight unit, sadly he sold the original parts but I'm happy with it as it is.<br /><br />I live in a rural forest area, the XT600 does everything I need it to, it's equally happy on the forest trails or nimbly travelling around the local villages. I don't tend to do touring as the roads and drivers here are too dangerous and unpredictable, but I'm sure it would eat up the miles without problem. I wanted a bike that was simple, with readily available parts yet with a little 'panache', I've found it all in this model. Would I recommend one to a friend? Yes you're damn right I would!
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