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    This is probably the best bike I have ever owned. I loved my 17, this puts it to shame. Well, that's a bit over the top but it is superior in every way. Feels like a 250F, suspension works well (though I will tweak it a bit) and the magic button is worth the price of admission.

    Apparently the rear muffler mount is breaking off, mainly with aftermarket pipes with solid mounts but there have been reports of them breaking with the stock mufflers as well. Pro Circuit recommends having the mount beefed up, which I did. And props to Pro Circuit; their original systems had solid mounts but they are now upgrading them to rubber mounts free of charge, except for the shipping there. They will pay for the return shipping. Kawasaki is also warranting the sub frames as well. I think the mount is welded on crooked as shown in one of my pics.
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