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    Last of the road legal 2 strokes. It's simple; most repairs can be done quickly on the side of a road using only the small tool kit under the oil reservoir. Parts are cheap, insurance is cheap, gas milage is very cheap. Pretty much the smallest displacement that can make it to 100km/h. Kickstand automatically rises when you pull the clutch lever, very convenient when in a hurry. No electric start needed, theres so little resistance that you can kickstart it with your hand. Small enough to park anywhere, light enough to lift it out of deep mud or snow if you get stuck. The best part about it is that you can go anywhere on it; dirt bikes, as awesome as they are, aren't legal for the road, and you can't bring a heavy sport bike in the mud. This bike allows you to do both. It may not be the best dirt bike, or the best road bike, but it allows you to get to places you otherwise would never go.
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