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    I rode my friend's kx250 2013 model, and knew straight away I had to have one. It's far and away the best bike I've ever ridden. I've owned a 2008 crf250, 2010 RMZ250 and 2008 YZ125 before and this blows them all away. The power is incredible, the looks are great, and the quality is strong. Not quite Honda level, but very good nevertheless. Look after it, and it'll look after you. The SFF fork is a joy to fiddle around with, and can be made to work really well even without a revalve. Many people call the handling poor on this bike, but I love the way it's predictable and stable on the straights, and allows you to get well over the front in corners. The bike steers beautifully, with only the barest inclination to knife when leaned over drastically.

    Over all, this is as close to perfect as it's possible for a dirt bike to be in 2013.
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