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    The bike turns like nothing else. You can rail the outside, you can pivot, you can cut out and across lines, everything. It feels crazy light. Even compared to the 350. Though, lifting it onto the stand seems to tell a different story. Must be from all the lowering of where the weight is that Honda is doing.

    The motor is strong but so easy to ride. You can ride it however you want. The maps are interesting. Map 2 (Mellow) is noticeably smoother. It's a little weird because I found myself almost blowing a couple of corners because I was actually going a little faster than I had anticipated. It feels really mellow but hooks up. Map 3 (Aggressive) isn't too far off of the stock map. Maybe just a tad barkier. Would be great in tracks where they mix a lot of sand and sawdust in. I liked the stock map the best.

    I rode with the forks setup to stock settings and 35PSI. I had no complaints. I'm still getting used to the feel of the geometry of the bike so I don't know yet what I would do to make them any better at this point. I honestly didn't think they felt weird or anything. This is the first air fork I've ever ridden with and I didn't notice anything weird. It was very predictable. The shock was also very good. No complains, though I think it this is where I am probably going to start adjusting first.

    I think what I liked the most was the ergo's. I always felt like I was forward and attacking. The KTMs were like the complete opposite to me. That front brake is awesome. Rivals the KTM. Rear brake felt a bit vague in comparison though. Maybe I just need to get used to it.

    This is a very confidence inspiring bike.

    My only complaint... Now my white boots and white parts of my plastic where I grip with my knees are covered in aluminum dust..
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