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    The primary use of this bike is for a trip I make every year to hang out with a friend in the AZ desert. It's mostly a goof-off bike but my friend and I also engage in good natured competition to see who will show up with the neatest (often outlandish) mod compared to the year before. Current mods include:
    - TB Parts 120cc kit
    - FMF pipe
    - Works performance shock
    - BBR fork spring (just one)
    - 15/46 gearing
    - Baja Designs lighting stator
    - Trail Tech regulator/rectifier and 3.7 ah battery
    - 51w LED light
    - LED tail light
    - Custom GPS mount
    - Ebay bark busters
    - Moose EZ3 clutch lever
    - Air box mods
    - Custom frame kit and skid plate
    - Misc. aluminum bits replacing steel parts
    - Ebay chain guard
    - Weld on oversized-pegs

    Coming sometime:
    - Shift-up head with oversized valves
    - Custom grind cam
    - Maybe a CR80 conversion
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    I'm building this bike up to be a mini-adventure bike. It is street legal. Current mods include:
    - Fox Podium RC2 shock
    - Bruce Triplett modded damper rods
    - Cut front fork springs
    - Baja Designs level 2 dual sport kit (headlight and brake/tail lights only)
    - Custom built engine by Terry Miller
    - Bored and stroked to 254cc
    - Fully ported head with oversized valves
    - Hardened rockers
    - Custom grind cam
    - Wosner piston
    - Plumbed for oil cooler
    - HD clutch
    - Lightened flywheel
    - Cycra hand guards
    - Protaper bars (CR High)
    - Weld on oversized pegs
    - Aluminum sprocket

    Coming soon:
    - Oversized fuel tank
    - Soft luggage
    - Better lighting
    - Higher gearing (likely going to try a 14/42)
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