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    I've rated this bike highly simply because it's such a nice example of a very significant vintage bike. The 81 CR was a one year bike that marked Honda's move from twin shocks to the Pro Link single shock system. It also marked the move from air cooling to liquid cooling and the adoption of air assist forks. As such it is quite collectible. Inaccuracies in the restoration are as follows. The number plate backings were originally black, but I like the way the white backings look. Simple fix though. Non original silencer. I have the original but it needs to be rebuilt and the DG one looks good and works better than the original. There should be a small wire mesh screen mounted just behind and slightly below the front number plate. I'm still trying to find one but might just fabricate one instead. Non original tires. Other than those points this bike is a nice original restoration.
    Now I just need to find some vintage team Honda riding gear to go with it.

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