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    The 2015 KX450F is a wonderful machine. I have ridden the newer KTMs and Yamahas and this is the bike I feel most comfortable on. The air forks require a lot of attention but it only takes about as much time as checking your tire pressure and lubing your chain so it doesn't add too much to the daily prep. The only complaint I've had about the motor is its lack of overrev but I have done a bit of work to try improving it and it has helped some. Ergonomics are great. I prefer the footpegs in the up position and the bars further forward. The wheels hold up well. The only dents I've made in them came from riding Ocotillo and accidentally hitting a few rocks. Much better than my old Honda rims which dented from over jumping at the track. Overall, the bike is great. Yes, heavy and can be a bit tricky to negotiate corners at first but this is a bike built for aggressive riders. The harder you push it the better it will react to you and it loves to steer with the rear end.
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