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    Great bike! I picked this up in March in less than good condition for what I feel was a great deal, and over the past few months I have been able to bring it back to life one piece at a time. Most of my upgrades have been cosmetic aside from switching out the bars, grips and clutch cable. I fitted it with a new set of Acerbis black plastic with an 09' front fender and number plate. Topped those off with some Factory Effex 2015 Monster Energy graphics and backgrounds. Painted the centers of the rims black (keeping the lips polished as to prevent any damage to the paint when removing and installing tires in the future....plus I like the look a lot with the aluminum lips), wrapped them with some Bridgestones and threw on some Neon Green Spoke Coats. Nothing internal has been needed for the bike so far, knock on wood. It was in great mechanical shape when I bought it and the performance definitely outshined the dilapidated looks. The only thing I know of it having done performance wise is the power bomb header with the FMF slip on and a 51 tooth rear to liven it up even more. Not sure what has been done with it as far as jetting and tuning go but the bike has a LOT of low end power and out pulls anything that I have been on of recent to compare it to.
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