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    I just bought the CRF250L new from my local Honda dealer. I love the look of this bike. It is a little heavier than other 250 class machines, but I think for riding on the street this is helpful. My riding skills are a little rusty, so the stock performance is working well for me at the moment. The bike feels a little asleep with the gearing and exhaust. I will change to a 13t sprocket on the front end and add an EJK controller and see how it feels. I like how quiet and smooth it sounds now. It just needs a little more torque and responsiveness to be perfect. I'm 5'11 and the bike fits me perfectly. I plan to ride this bike under fairly tame conditions. I have a couple teenage boys who have never ridden before. I assume they will eventually go for a joy ride while they think no one is looking. I didn't want them to kill themselves on a 450 class bike or I would have chose something a little bigger out of the gate. Overall, right now, I love it.
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