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    You can sit and look at it for days before riding, gorgeous. And that's good because it'll take time to get any parts you want or need. Muffler is a must, shave another 2 1/2 lbs from an already light bike plus get the note you're used to and performance. Five ex-pros and one current pro buddy of mine rode it, one liked the suspension as it was, myself and others found forks ridiculously harsh. Turns out it is not the compression side, it's the rebound, add many clicks in to stiffen rebound, bike becomes very ridable. Fine tune for your liking from there. I'm 6'-2" and I find the cockpit just fine, different than past FE's. Power is very close to new YZ450, probably a little gearing and it will be right there. I ride twice a week normally so I'll check back in in 6 months.
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