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    great bike make sure you remove the airbox snorkel and rejet the carb im using 110 main 42 pilot jets. If u want more power and a better sounding bike get an aftermarket full system exhaust im using a pro-circuit t4. I also use msr racing carbon steal handlebars with home made hand guards. if u want more acceleration and torque get a 51 tooth rear sprocket. but after all that and maybe some suspension upgrades u can get some decent power out of the bike (about 14hp estimated) and even do some backyard racing! some other great mods ive done - uni air filter, custom carbon fiber wrapping on rear fender and side plastic (airbox covers), new grips (pro taper pillow top), if you like using fork boots for that retro look get daystar ones off ebay they are way better quality and have less coils in them for a better look (imo), A must have for backyard racing or jumping is factory effex gripper seat cover. it makes staying on the bike really easy after landing hard or wrong and improves stability in corners by keeping you in the middle of the bike. Those are just some cheap simple mods that are great if u want a little more out of this bike.
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