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  1. Honda CRF450L (2019)

    Very good lights, suspension, riding position, mirrors do not shake much, instrumentation is basic (should be a Garmin).
    Maintenance interval is considerably longer than my EXC that required expensive top end rebuild at 205 hours instead of 2000 hours with 450L.  530EXC was awesome performance, expensive to ride.
    Weight is slightly more noticeable vs other dual sport eurothumpers.
    Delivered with low idle:  stalled constantly until turned up counterclockwise.  Had D606 installed as stock tires not good for dirt.
    Abrupt on/off throttle useless on tight single track or slow cruising in town.  JD Jetting tuner helped, not a smooth roll on of throttle still even with throttle tamer.  Tuner helped power too.
    IMS tank required for most rides, 2 gallons for highway is silly.
    Seat like sitting on a 2 x 4 after a couple hours:  Seat Concepts low seat helps 2 ways.
    Oil drain plug was rusted after first splash (100 miles); it is huge so oil flow is very fast!
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