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    Love this thing. Its a powerhouse. Have a few mods done to it lol.
    Full FMF 4.1 ss exhaust
    Cycra powerflow radiator scoops
    front/rear spring and revalve suspension for 190lb rider
    Nitro mousse front
    AXP Xtreme skiplate
    Polisport swingarm guards
    Polisport clutch cover guard
    UniBiker radiator guards
    Acerbis frame grip guards
    Lithium Battery upgrade (well worth the $150)
    FLO pegs
    Tusk rear brake pedal
    .500" Bar risers
    Acerbis hand guards
    ASV unbreakable levers
    Dcor Visuals seat cover with pleats
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    love the bike. just have it to have. nice night ride bike to cruise on after drinking a little. nothing crazy fast. super good lights. not baja status but great for a warrior.

    FMF factory 4 slip-on
    modded air box with a slight upgraded carb ( so it said)
    stock gearing and motor
    wiht a set or 27w LED round lights in place of OEM and another 18w single row.
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    i absolutely love this bike. its heavy but very powerful.i have full
    FMF powerbomb with powercore 4.
    40mm FCR carb.
    grey wire mod.
    modded airbox side vents.
    upgrade top triple clamp.
    rear tubeless system.
    50 tooth rear sprocket OEM.
    OEM front sprocket.
    o-ring chain
    pleated grip seat cover SDG
    oversize radiators
    radiator guards DEVOL
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