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    I got this bike on the 6th of april 2015. A straight swap for my previous bike, a 2003 CRF230F. The KX r me has been A bloody good bike, it seems to like having money spent on it though. But from when I do get to ride it, It's worth every penny. She'll pull up onto the back wheel in any gear, and has the power to stop you from your speeds of 100 or so. Nearly come off a 5th gear wheelie once, was a shit scare haha. I'm only 15 and weigh roughly 60 kg so I'm fairly light for the bike. SO it can blast along easily carrying my weight. I just wish I had a bit more cash so I could do more to it. As of now it's in the shop having a tune up, and new sprockets/chain. it really needs a top and bottom end rebuild but I just can't afford it DX So I just have to ride it on the odd occasion and not thrash it. But that's hard. I want to be riding constantly!
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