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    Picked up an 05 WR450 for $750. Pretty good shape. The bike will overheat after idling for less then 10 minutes and blow into the overflow tank. My 2001 WR426 would idle all day and not overheat. I know the cooling fluid capacity was higher on the old WR's. A high cfm computer fan will prevent it from overheating, 92 mm is the largest fan size that will fit within the radiator width. But these fans are not made for rough service vibration, dust, water, mud, and temps above 70 deg C (158 F). But they are cheap, $3 to $20 each depending on the source. Should the 05 WR450 overheat at idle? Does your WR450 overheat? Have you rode with a computer fan strapped tight against the back side of your radiator?
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