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    I had a 74 and 78 XL350 and a 75 DT400 (all new) THe CRF250L specs out at about 99% same as the XLs, but with much greater suspension travel and 100CC less displacement. THe CRF is a much better dirt bike. THe XLs were street with dirt added whereas the CRF is dirt (low grade) with street added.<br /><br />My 2 difficulties are associated with my Trials riding experience (extensive). I need to lower the bike both front and rear so I can put my foot down when riding in first gear. I also need a much lower first and second gear for this slow riding.<br /><br />Any experience out there that can be of assistance?<br />I have seen the Soupy's performance lowering kit on the web. Has anyone used it? What results?<br /><br />
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