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    Good bike but finding aftermarket parts are a challenge and so is tuning it to get the most power out of it.
    Great as a daily commuter and ok going on trails, even with street tires.
    Paid almost double because loans are bad.
    FMF Q4+Power Bomb
    JT sprockets (14/38) and x-ring chain
    MZS folding brake and clutch levers
    MSR folding shift lever (slight modding to fit)
    Galfer steel braided brake line (Front, green)
    Universal SMD LED turn signals
    EBC brake pads (Sintered on front)
    Tires: IRC Road Winner tire (rear) and Metzler (front). Both to be the IRC's, Fall '18
    Scooter luggage rack, rebuilt to "fit"
    Truck trailer clearance light, used as extra brake light
    Cheap plastic Chinese mirrors
    Fender eliminator: TV Dish brackets, painted black (slight modding to fit)
    Emissions canister and lines removed, added short fuel vent to cap
    Stickers and decals to add extra horsepower
    More mods soon?
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