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    I totally love this bike after jumping down in size from a 500 exc.<br />This gives me much more confidence in the harder terrain than I got with the 500.<br />I´ve also had a 350 exc Sixdays my14 and this my17-model is much better in all aspects.<br /><br />It´s lighter and you have a better rider position. The new Xplor fork and rear damper really is great tuned.<br /><br />The new engine is far more punchier than the previous 350. It´has a lot more low end torque and it´s no problem lifting the front wheel over bigger obstacles. You don´t even need to pop the cluth.<br /><br />The map switch also works great and now you really can feel the difference between the two maps.<br />On the earlieer models I almost couldn´t feel any difference.<br /><br />So if you stand there and concidering buying a brand new 2016 for a reduced price, just skip it and put in the extra bucks for the 2017. It´ll be worth it many times over. It´s such a better bike in all aspects.
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