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    Nice bike, sounds like little bigger B&S lawn mover :-)

    I bought this vehicle last autumn in some cardboard boxes hoping all that all parts are in them :-)...well....some parts were missing but ebay and http://www.cmsnl.com/yamaha_model8287/ helped !

    Some modifications; front fender from Yamaha XTZ750. Reason for this is the fact that the original fender doesn't protect driver or engine from dirt :-) and at least I'm not driving in such places that there is so much dirt or mud or any kind of stuff that it blocks wheel turning.

    Turn signals changed to led's. Because of their smaller size and durability.

    Saddle (seat) modified to meet short legged drivers needs :-). Self made new seat cover.

    New voltage regulator. Snowmobile part. New.

    Brake and tail light assembly and rear fender; fitted some different manufacturers parts together.

    Intake boots fixed; http://www.handen.us/TT/yindex.html
    This is a little bit different way of solving this quite common problem.
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