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    This bike is just too good to be true in some ways.

    It is an amazingly versatile dual sport machine.

    Service intervals are measured in the thousands of miles, not hours.

    If you have both sets of wheels which I do, you can tear around a supermoto track or throw on knobblies and tear up a motocross track.

    The lanes are your friend also on this bike.

    Power is not amazing but adequate, a decent low and mid range hit are present but it tails off all too early. It is quoted as a rather lacklustre 45 at the rear wheel but word on the forums is that straight through pipes (yes, it has two of them) and increasing the jetting size will give you another 5 hp which would bring it up to a respectable 50.

    Weight is rather high up and you can feel the bike pulling you one way or another when you are having to walk it out of mud on trails.

    Sometimes I can feel it over balancing if I get my footing wrong when stopped as well.

    But these are only small complaints.

    Another thing is that the brake and clutch levers seem to develop a lot of floppiness in them, you can wiggle the levers up and down which is quite disconcerting considering how important they are.

    So fit and finish is not the best but the main components, frame, engine, suspension and brakes are all solid.

    I don't do long distances on two wheels so it really is the bike for me.
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