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    The stock tires are absolute rubbish in anything loose or muddy.
    The stock suspension is too soft all round and poorly damped. The tire stability is not helped by the fact that the wheels regularly leave the ground in the rough.
    Despite some comments on this forum, I am quite pleased with the 13T front sprocket mod. Bang for buck, you can't beat it. The bike will now keep it's speed in 6th uphill. Sure it could do with more, but as I said, old skills re-awakening, I'll work my way up to that.
    I said the stock tires were rubbish, but I also have to say they've improved after putting a few more km's on them. They've always been good on tarmac but now they're a little worn in... plus I know what to expect from them... I reckon they'll do me till they're well worn. I'll either go for Motoz Tractionater or Pirrelli XCMH when the time comes
    I love this bike. It's perfect for me, because........ it isn't perfect. If you ride within the bikes capabilities, it can take you pretty much anywhere. As it happens, riding within the bikes capabilities is good for me. Slower, steadier .... I'm sure that will change as the rust continues to fall off my skills. I love that there are plenty of people out there who have improved these bikes... customising them to their desires, and environment and skills. I am inspired reading through this forum, and see years of happy riding and modding and tinkering ahead of me.
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