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    WR250R review: After nearly 20 years of not riding motorcycles, In 2015 I set out looking for a street legal trail bike and after reading a bunch of opinions online, reading the mags and test riding at a dealer I chose a new WR250R . The main reasons why I chose the WRR over it’s rivals, honda and Kawasaki, was the suspension, fuel injection and power/weight. I mainly ride off road but I do link trails with the highway occasionally and I just wanted the option of being able to ride on the road which meant it had to be street legal from the factory in my state, no more plating dirt bikes here. After 1300 miles, nearly all trail and off road miles, I have to say I am quite impressed with this little 4 stroke 250cc bike. This review is geared more towards the WRR’s ability off road with only limited highway use.

    The WRR’s suspension does a great job off road, mine is dropped 1" in back so I can touch easier (I am 5’9”) and I've adjusted the compression of the front shocks a little. The suspension is plush, I can hit whoops and hop over roots and rocks with great suspension response, (I weigh 170lbs without gear). I bought my bike new but it already had an FMF Powercore installed and D606's, it was a package deal. Later I opened up the exhaust further with a MegaBomb header, opened up the air box, tuned it with an FMF tuner and lowered the gearing. I have also added some better handle bars, barkbusters, removed that ridiculous license plate/light mount (installed a smaller one) and added a skid plate. The bike I test road was the bike I bought, so I never really road a completely stock WRR, honestly I think I would have been a bit disappointed with the stock exhaust and tires. The fuel injection and electric start are obviously something new to me having not ridden in so long and they work great, one time out of 1300miles It failed to start, I think I fouled the plug after cleaning the air cleaner. I was almost ready to pull the plug, but I decided to just let the starter run for 20 seconds, it took a couple tries but it fired and the battery had plenty of charge left after that. Other than the initial oil change and normal washes, chain maintenance and mods it's been an add gas and go bike. That reminds me, There was a stator recall that I still need completed.

    One of the biggest reason why I like my WRR is that I can push it as hard as I want and I never feel like it's going to kill me, the suspension handles everything well and although it's no beast it has ample power, especially if you wring it’s neck. I am planning to add another bike to my garage, hopefully soon, basically I just want the next level of bike, lighter and more power, not that I necessarily need it but I want it and I really want two bikes anyway. I am currently looking at the FE350S for my next bike. I gave the WR250R 4 out of 5 stars as a street legal trail bike, did not give it 5 stars because I think this bike needs a few mods before it really shines off road and it could use a diet. Overall if you want an easy to ride and very capable street legal trail bike I'd recommend the WRR.....I've had no regrets.

    Previous bikes: The age of these bikes should date me. 1970 Tote Goat, 1970’s Kawasaki 100, early 1980’s YZ 250, 1984 YZ 125. Sad but true, It had been 19 years since I had ridden a motorcycle before I bought my WR250R. :-( Never too late to start again.
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