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    This thing's a beast. Was stolen, in a police chase, then crashed. Was saved from being scraped at the junkyard and brought up to a lake house where it was beaten to the ground and crashed several times more and then sat in a storage unit for 10 years. It still runs after all it's been through. The front tire is the original tire from when it rolled off the factory floor in 1981 and has zero rot or rips. The only thing that has been replaced since 1981 is the brake lever. Everything else(minus headlight and radio mount) is stock from 1981. Has had no maintenance minus an oil change and spark plug change. The starting process(process lol) is easy when done right but can be painful. Im proud to be the 3rd owner of this bike. It's heavy but Im 14 so i can't complain. The only problem with these bikes is that you can't kill them:)
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