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    Just picked up a 2017 DR-Z400s. I was about to purchase the 2016 model for around $600 less, but couldn't bring myself to ride that ugly as all hell brownish-yellow grey and black bike. The color scheme makes me cringe. So i asked if they could find me a 2017, and within a few days they found a dealer willing to hand one over to them. This bike is gorgeous, everything about it, i am usually a Honda rider, CRF250L to be exact, and this bike is virtually identical, handles slightly better and is a few pounds lighter,(not a noticeable amount of weight difference, but less is always better.) This bike is a huge upgrade from what i am used to, and when i have done a bit more riding, i will update. 10/12/16 NOTE: The WEBSITE WILL NOT LET ME SELECT A 2017 DRZ as of right now. Hopfully it lets me update it in the future!!!
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